Generally viewed as a problem only in 3rd world countries, sex trafficking is destroying the lives of men, women, and children all across the United States.

The FBI reports that the average age that a girl or boy is first recruited into prostitution or sex trafficking in the U.S. is 11-14 years-old. They immediately are at risk of overdose, STDs, suicide, and homicide. The FBI has also indicated that Atlanta is among the worst cities in the country for sex trafficking. But there is hope! Atlanta is also regarded as one of the cities having the most coordinated response to trafficking.

The mission of Out of Darkness, the anti-trafficking department of Frontline Response, is to rescue individuals out of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Commercial exploitation may take the form of stripping, pornography, survival sex, prostitution, or sex trafficking.

As early as 2006, human trafficking was already the second largest criminal enterprise in the world (2nd only to the drug trade), and is the fastest growing. We must devote the same, and more, energy and resources to stop traffickers as the traffickers devote to see that their industry continues to net billions of dollars each year. Our precious girls, boys, and women are NOT commodities to be bought and sold.

We’re excited about you joining the fight!

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