Men – The Problem

by Jeff Shaw, Director of Out of Darkness December 5, 2011 was further confirmation for me of what I think few would deny. I learned that a precious 7-year old girl was brutally beaten and sexually violated in Canton, GA before ultimately being murdered. When it comes to crimes of violence and sexual exploitation, men […]

Slaying the Beast

by Jeff Shaw, Director of Out of Darkness This is the third time in the past six weeks that I’ve thought about writing on the experience of being selected as a finalist for the Epoch Awards. Every time I’ve thought about it, it has been crystal clear to me what I would have to write…and […]

A Different Kind of Freedom

by Jeff Shaw, Director of Out of Darkness Memorial Day is a time when we commemorate those who have fallen fighting in the service of our country. We give thanks for the sacrifice made by others for our freedom. And from this point forward, Memorial Day will hold special significance for me and a different […]

A Book Review of Rid of My Disgrace

by Guest Blogger The walls are white. The chair is comfortable. I have my elbows resting on the table as I listen to the professor. The topic today in pastoral counseling is sexual assault. The prof writes the staggering statistics on the whiteboard: 1 of every 4 women and 1 of every 6 men have […]

Posture Yourself to Defend Her

Note from Jeff Shaw, founder of Out of Darkness: Matt Snyder is an ardent abolitionist, blogger, and the founder of 3N1 Men.  I met Matt last year after he returned from the World Race and we’ve been battling together ever since.  Matt is a man who loves God and loves people. Posture Yourself to Defend […]

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