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Posture Yourself to Defend Her

Note from Jeff Shaw, founder of Out of Darkness: Matt Snyder is an ardent abolitionist, blogger, and the founder of 3N1 Men.  I met Matt last year after he returned from the World Race and we’ve been battling together ever since.  Matt is a man who loves God and loves people.

Posture Yourself to Defend Her

By Matt Snyder

I was in India last spring working with ministries and organizations that were fighting human trafficking in Mumbai. Having only been in the city for a few days, my friend and I were still trying to find our bearings and decided to go for a walk. Though the heat was unbearable, anything beat sari-shopping with our female teammates.

I’m a veteran of international travel (both developed and underdeveloped nations) and have seen most everything there is to see. As my friend and I were walking the streets of Colaba, kids playing with trash and blind men begging me for money had no effect. Sad to say it, but it didn’t.

Instead, it was the man getting ready to stone a woman that threw me for a loop.

Yeah, you read that right. As my friend and I began walking down a seemingly quiet cobblestone street, we heard the accusations and the protests – all in Hindi – as a man was getting ready to pound a woman’s skull in with a 10 lb. brick.

I don’t know if you’ve ever walked upon an Indian man getting ready to murder someone before, but it’s hard not to run away. But instead of running the opposite direction, I sprinted towards him.

The woman needed to be saved.

The unfortunate thing is that there are millions of women and children in the world that need to be rescued. They’re in life-threatening situations, whether it’s abuse, neglect, fatherlessness or sex trafficking, and they need men of character and integrity willing to fight for them.

So what did I do when I encountered the man with murder in his eyes? I used the best weapon I have: my mouth. I looked him in the eye, and with a posture of protection for the woman in my heart, I verbally commanded “PEACE” over the situation.

And you know what happened? He put down the stone and walked away.

Men, my challenge to you is to posture yourself in a position of protection for the women and children around you, whether you know them or not. Love them by defending them. Love them by protecting them – because sometimes all you have to do is open your mouth.

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